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Your reactions to Revue joining Twitter

Anna from Revue
Anna from Revue
Hello newsletter editors,
Mark from Revue here as usual on Tuesdays and sending a warm welcome to all new subscribers. It’s great to see the community grow and I am looking forward to talking about newsletters with all of you.
Many readers reached out and shared their thoughts, pretty much all of them excited for what Revue and Twitter can do together. If you haven’t, I would love to hear from you. You can simply hit reply or reach me at
The takes on Revue joining Twitter and what to expect next were really interesting, so today I want to share the best with you.

Writers love Revue joining Twitter
Most of you probably have seen the announcement by Martijn de Kuijper, founder of Revue, that Revue is joining Twitter.
So what did *you* think about it, the newsletter editors and experts and the writers who have been using Revue in the past?
Let me start by sharing Twitter’s vision, which was laid out in a great blog post by Kayvon Beykpour, Product Lead, and Mike Park, VP of Publisher Products. It’s all about jumpstarting efforts to make Twitter an even better home for writers. To add long-form content and offer writers new ways of monetizing their work.
And Revue working together with Twitter is already paying off for writers with one of the most immediate benefits being that Revue PRO is now free.
Before joining Twitter, Revue was frequently considered the best product for editorial newsletters, but also somewhat expensive. Now the best product is available for free. And it’s great to see many writers like Adriana Lacy, who manages audience for Axios, move (back) to Revue.
Adriana Lacy
anyways now that my favorite newsletter platform is *free* again, I'm moving it back to @revue. subscribe for some new content that'll come out hopefully by the end of the week!
Another financial benefit is that the commission on member fees for paid newsletters has been lowered to 5%, half of what Substack is charging currently. This might not seem like much but it increases as writers grow their audience and monthly subscriptions.
Long-time Revue user Scott Melker, author of the paid The Wolf Den Crypto Newsletter, certainly is happy. We hope many other creators working on a paid newsletter or looking to start one will be too.
The Wolf Of All Streets
I was an early adopter on @revue, the newsletter platform that I have been using. They were just purchased by @Twitter. I’m happy.
Now that this small newsletter platform has joined forces with this giant with hundreds of millions of readers, many hope for a solution to one of the newsletter’s biggest problems: discovery.
Many creators and publishers already are on Twitter and have a large following there. And combining Twitter and Revue will offer an amazing opportunity for them to grow their newsletter list.
Ben Thompson, who was one of the first creators finding success with a paid newsletter, and analyzes the tech and publishing worlds, quickly pointed out [paid link, well worth it] a whole range of areas that will be very beneficial for creators:
- First, signing up for a newsletter will be trivial given the fact Twitter already has your email address.
- Second, Twitter can surface interesting newsletters within the Twitter app; it can also create a reader experience on a separate tab.
- Third, Twitter can leverage the fact that (almost) all readers are logged in to transparently manage free previews, trials, etc.
- Fourth, Twitter can promote your newsletter to all of your followers over time without you needing to shamelessly (or shamefully) beg them to subscribe.
- Fifth, Twitter can seamlessly incorporate newsletters into promoted tweets, and charge against future revenue — which, of course, it can perfectly measure.
Trei Brundrett, COO of Vox Media (a Revue user), echoed this sentiment from a publisher perspective.
Trei Brundrett
Super smart. Twitter not just focused on writers, but publishers too - enabling almost automatic bundles of newsletters, supercharged by existing followers and the conversations that tie them together. Interesting, especially for publishers already familiar with Revue ;)
There’s so much to do and so much to come and everybody was thrilled to see the first sign of the integration released yesterday by the Twitter team and shared by Eric Wuebben, senior product manager at Twitter.
Eric Wuebben
Welcoming writers through a new door on @Twitter! Check your "•••" menu on web for easy access to @Revue.
I’ve talked a lot about Revue and Twitter, but there have been many interesting recent developments in the newsletter world.
Dan Oshinsky, another long-time Revue user and newsletter expert, had a great round-up of the happenings.
Dan Oshinsky
So @Twitter bought @Revue. @UplandSoftware bought @secondstreet. @MailChimp bought @Chatitive. @Mailerlite announced a @stripe integration. @Forbes announced a paid newsletter program. @SubstackInc announced segmentation.

That's the past 14 days of news in the email world.
So no matter which platform you are on, there’s a lot of reason to be bullish on newsletters.
The week in newsletters
Which brings me to the weekly section with the best articles for newsletter editors, starting with another expansion in the newsletter world.
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Growth lessons for creators
ONA on newsletter courses
Growth strategies for newsletters
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