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A new, more intimate look for your newsletters ✨

Check out our stripped down design with a small Twitter detail we hope you’ll love.
Anna from Revue
Anna from Revue
Hey all—
Anna here, sitting in for Mark as your host this week. But if you’re missing him, don’t worry! He’s curated this week’s top reads, which you’ll find at the end of the newsletter.
Looks different around here, doesn’t it? Let’s talk about that.
A new look for the Twitter era
What you’re looking at is Revue’s new default theme. It’s been crafted with a lot of input from people who already use Revue every day. I know this sentence is used too often, but: I can’t wait to hear what you think.
Take a closer look:
Yay for the intimacy of email
The main thing we wanted to accomplish here is to make the design reflect the more personal, more intimate relationship that you are building when you run a newsletter.
This was, by the way, a 2021 prediction of Jacquée Palmer, a reader of this newsletter and an expert in the field. She beautifully wrote about what she called “the little black (and white) email” in her Nieman lab predictions.
The new Personal theme allows for just that kind of email. It is stripped down, and celebrates simplicity and intimacy. There’s nothing to distract from the words you write. If you add visual elements, they now pop even more, and feel more intentional.
Tying audiences together
At the very top you’ll see a new detail you might find delightful. For many of the people who use Revue and who have talked to us about it, their Revue audience is a subset of their Twitter audience. The inner circle, so to speak. On the flipside, Twitter is their main channel for growth. This detail highlights that dynamic:
If you have a Twitter handle set, we’ll link to your profile at the very top of your newsletter, tying together these channels and these audiences.
Do you have ideas how we should build on this? Let me know! As with anything we build around here, we want to build it together with you.
I’ll be writing to you more often in the future, so let me know what you think and what interests you — and help us build Revue into an even more magical thing.
Thanks for opening today, can’t wait to hear from you—
PS: I’d love to give a shoutout to Adriana Lacy who writes the terrific The Intersection newsletter on Revue. She’s the person you see in the screenshots above. Thanks so much for helping us launch this thing, Adriana.
The week in newsletters
Hope you like the new theme. Here are the other must-read newsletter articles of this week.
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Anna from Revue
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